Without institution there is no management and without management there is no institution. Management has their own set of rules and objectives whose main target is to study the social organization. Management teaches you certain set of skills which requires functional knowledge.
Marketing, Finance, HR, Information Technology, Logistics and Supply Chain Management are some of the departments which can be best while you witness highly reputed industries in management. You need to understand the basic functioning of any organization along with how they manage their resources and grasp the working of planning, staffing, organizing, directing and controlling. Embrace Earth gives you the best of the environment to learn the tricks of the trade. We let the young management students explore into the robust business environment so that they could know the essence of functional management.

Mercedes Benz Museum - The city where the history of Mercedes-Benz lies.

Volkswagen Factory - World’s largest Volkswagen manufacturer is in Wolfsburg.

Deutsches Museum - The world's largest museum of science and technology.

Olympiastadion - The largest stadium in Germany for international football matches.

Universal Studios - A theme park with 28 rides, shows and 7 themed zones.

Jurong Bird Park - Tourist attraction park at the highest point in the region.

Tiger Sky Tower - The highest observation tower in Singapore.

Heineken Brewing Company, Night Safari.

Oriental Pearl Tower - An observatory tower featuring with 11 spheres in Shanghai.

Water Cube, Beijing - The outer side of the stadium is inspired from the natural pattern of bubbles in soap lather.
The Great Wall of China - Longest wall in the world that are more than 2,300 years old.

Beijing National Stadium - Also known as ‘Bird's Nest’ because of its unique structure.

Museum of Illusions, Malaysia - Get ready to trick your eye and entertain your mind.

The National Art Gallery, Malaysia - A public art gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Millennium Monument - A national monument which is similar to the Washington Monument.

Muar Clock Tower - A city with a rich past and pre-war old buildings, yet unknown.
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